Silk for the Feed Dogs



Silk for the Feed Dogs illuminates a world the author knows intimately in a way it hadn’t been described before: with thoughtfulness, profundity and humor.

Kat Connelly, innovative designer and introspective daughter of an Irish farmer, is disappointed with her first job in fashion. She copies catwalk looks for a London garmento who is reliant on two things to survive: self medication and cheap Chinese production. Kat feels the lure of a higher aesthetic beckoning and escapes to Milan.

As Italy’s imminent smoking ban looms darkly over the land, Kat’s personal world lights up: design and beauty are all around, dazzling and seducing, not to mention the overwhelming Italian male libido. She has claimed her slice of the bella vita and with it a sense of belonging she has yearned for since childhood.

Of course, the bella vita comes at a price. When Kat is invited into the impenetrable House of Adriani to design their high-profile collection, she throws a cast-iron hierarchy into turmoil. Some will do anything to see her fall…

Jackie Mallon drew upon her decade’s experience to bring to life the assorted grand maestros, sycophants, oddballs, and jesters that populate Kat’s life.
Zebra Girl


  1. Denise Brooke

    I’m so excited I had no idea you were writing a book though I am not surprised. All the best girlie, can’t wait to read it, don’t forget your old pals when you’re famous xx.

  2. Brenda Tubby

    Jackie excellent news that you’re a published author. Am really looking forward to reading your book. Well done you. B x

  3. Sinéad

    I know it’ll be fabulous!! I love the illustrations too, they leap off the page, beautiful. x

  4. Raffaella

    Well done Jackie!!!
    Can’t wait to read the book and to find out all the gossip of Maison “Adriani”….

  5. Monica

    Cant wait to get a copy and read ALL about it!!! XXX Good job Girlie! BRAVA!! xxx

  6. Sabrina Savino

    Hi Jackie, I’m very happy for you and be sure one e-copy of your book will be mine soon!
    A perfect and intriguing way to exercize my english…
    I’m also curious to see if I’ll be able to catch something I know well 😉
    Congratulations and hope to see you again one day!

    • Hi Sabrina,
      I think my novel would work well as a “learning English” tool :-). Thanks for your kind words and let me know if you ever pop over to NYC. I haven’t been back to Milan since I left. Miss it. Baci a te!

  7. Sinéad Mulgrew

    Fabulous Jackie, well done to you!!! I will get sharing with Caroline and we will report back on what will be a great read.

  8. Caroline Delaney nee Mulgrew

    Oh my god Jackie….blast from the past Caroline here……sineady showed me your latest project…so so excited for you. What an achievement.can’t wait to read it…you take of luck with everything Jackie.

  9. Sounds suspiciously like this belongs on my ‘Biography’ eshelf.

  10. laugraeva

    Gorgeous illustrations! Wow!
    Might have to follow you now! Congrats with the novel, and my follow!

  11. Looks like you got some pretty good reviews on Amazon, which is where I often look to see what people think.

    • Yes, and I appreciate every single one as I am often too lazy to review books even ones I like. I’m trying to be better as I know how much reviews matter. The feedback on the novel has been very positive. I’m trying to work on the second although I must confess my concentration is patchier this time round.

  12. Your book finally arrived last night and I started reading on the plane today – You had me in stitches on the first pages, where you describe the little girl’s tiara – Caran d’Ache pens & M&M’s – and what her dad said to her… 😉 😀 Love it so far 😀
    I will do a book review once I’ve finished. Give me a little time 🙂

  13. How fun to return to “scenes from the novel” after having finished the book. An illustrated edition would be phenomenal. The written descriptions are gorgeous and satisfying, but the drawings underscore the book’s humor and Kat’s irreverence.

  14. Good to hear from you, Paula!
    Thanks for reading and popping back. I would love it if you felt like writing a couple of lines review on Amazon.
    I would be thrilled to do an illustrated edition. What a sent-from-the-heavens project that would be. I’ll certainly keep you posted 🙂

  15. sakuraichune

    It was one of the best and most entertaining books I’ve ever read. I’ve had so much fun reading this & translating this book (well, half of it) to Turkish! :)))
    It’s very inspiring, I fell in love with Kat and Edward and every other character in it. I hope we can read more on Kat’s other stories in the future. Love it!

    • Hi there,
      Thank you so much for the lovely message. I’m glad you made friends with the fun-loving duo, Kat and Edward. 🙂
      I’m assuming you work for the Turkish publishing company. Translating a book must be a very different experience than sitting down with your feet up to read so I appreciate it that you’re still enthusiastic! 🙂
      So very excited for Silk to become available in Turkey. I’ve always wanted to visit that country but okay I’ll allow Kat and Edward to arrive first and I’ll follow 🙂
      Many thanks!

  16. Caitlin Fyfe

    Hello there,

    I am a Magazine Journalism major at Columbia College Chicago and began to write an article about why we specifically pigeonhole fashion. During my research I came across your blog and was wondering if you would be willing to answer some questions I have regarding pigeonholing.

    Why must we have predetermined categories? Is it a threat to reject being pigeonholed?

    What is the relationship between functional pigeonholing and the market?

    Do you notice a modification in pigeonholing?

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