“Outfit of the day” posts, the ultimate anti-fashion ritual

Outfit of the Day image 1We’ve all seen them standing in the way of four lanes of oncoming traffic, angled cheekbones searching for the light, while their friend (or that poor aggrieved specimen, the Instagram Husband) crouches in the street to get today’s OOTD photo. Thing is, I’n not overly concerned that they’re going to get snuffed out by a passing Uber (they seem to be pretty agile at the last minute…so far), I’m more concerned about what they’re snuffing out in fashion. See what I have to beef about here on FashionUnited…


(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons by Anders Lejczak Perfect Selfie, Travelling with the Fuji X100T, taken on Koh Hong Island, Thailand on 2 February 2016)

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