We recycle, we upcycle, we downcycle, is it working?

xUpcycling-Image-1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.oJaqX4aW37Fashion has become quite a guilty pleasure particularly for those who buy fast fashion. Thinking that you”ll donate to Goodwill those cheaply-made items you buy on a whim is outdated. So you schlep your stuff to recycling banks dotted about your city in not-especially convenient locations. At least you’re making a difference, right? Some experts reveal which practices are doing good and where we’re wasting our time in my report on FashionUnited…


  1. This is exciting stuff. Thank you for sharing your research. I sometimes feel paralyzed when I look at my clothes closet: to what extent am I contributing to waste by wanting to toss my impulsive purchases to Goodwill? Will I ever have enough time on my hands to stitch up my castoffs into

    • quilts which no one will want (sorry, I hit “Post Comment” before I was finished typing ;)). But as I also try to downsize my wardrobe, making it suitable for a retirement spent in yoga pants, I still feel the urge to buy, to purchase clothes that are more durable, more comfortable than I already have. It’s wonderful to know that there are other ways to recycle clothing than just through Goodwill or thrift stores. I never realized they could be beaten down into fiber for other fabrics (genius, but obvious when I recall ripping apart a sweater in order to salvage the yarn). Better yet that used clothing can be turned in other more useful items.

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