Courtiers and Couturiers: Bingeing on Costume Dramas

Courier-1Are you a fan of The Crown, Downton Abbey, Victoria…? Our TV screens and museums are stuffed with the spectacle of history, and why not? The clothes, jewels, purse, hats, the fans, the rooms, gardens… As Downton Abbey’s  Dowager Countess might say, “Nothing succeeds like excess.”

Read my piece in Fashion United on why we can’t get enough––and why we don’t have to: there’s so much more of it to come in 2018! Shall we move into library? Grab the sherry as you come through here….


  1. I haven’t been watching Victoria – should I start?

    • I enjoy it too. I”m looking forward to the second season which caused a but of the furore in the UK around the Irish Famine. Brits apparently were outraged they had not be educated at school on what exactly they were responsible for and it came as a bit of a shock

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