Now Voyager; Fashion Your Attire and Prepare for Takeoff

4Fashionouro1It’s the time of year for flights and trips, and the wrapping of gifts in a last-minute frenzy but give some thought to your own wrapping. For some thoughts on travel attire that will inspire you to reach cloud 9, please transport yourself here… 23632075_10159582102735125_1345237256952103162_o


  1. 🙂 Merry Christmas, dear Jackie!

    I’m always amazed to see how people travel these days. How can anyone go on trip – short or long – in sweatpants? Horrible! I understand that comfort is definitely an option on long haul flights. But seat pants? Never!

    Of course I like to travel comfortable and will wear jeans – with a bit of strech – but with pretty (and comfy slip-on) shoes, a cashmere cardigan, a warm, but stylish shawl or silk scarf and some matching accessories.

    If one travels often enough one will know what NOT to wear because of the security. And also when to start taking off the required clothes and accessories in order not to hold up the line.

    And one last thing: People, PLEASE don’t drag your entire luggage INSIDE the plane. That’s a royal pain for everybody. I wish security would make people put more luggage into the plane’s belly rather than letting everybody shlepp in more than they’re actually allowed.

    Of course, if we’d have this beautiful Louis Vuitton luggage, we’d have our own people who took care of packing. Right?


  2. Claudia!
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with plenty of silky scarfs and are getting prepared for a super new year.
    I don’t doubt for one second you have a travel suitcase that would be in perfect order. I too do not own a pair of sweatpants and don’t feel any lack of comfort in my life! And I bring onto the plane a case so small it’s like Grace Kelly’s overnight one in Rear Window-––not! 🙂
    Happy 2018! ❤

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