No More Drama; When Did The Fashion Show Lose Its Spectacle?

A male designer friend asked me recently ‘Are female designers just not any good at putting on a show?’ By show, he meant a happening, an event, a moment. I was a bit taken aback but it did make me wonder enough to explore the question for FashionUnited here…5NoMore1


  1. I understand the excitement of a message conveyed through a show. Generally speaking, I believe female designers wish to transmit their vision through the clothes alone (am thinking Miuccia Prada for example). The point of view might be narrower – not a sweeping, grand statement – but valid nonetheless. By the way, speaking of understatement, did you happen to catch the article/interview with Dries van Nooten in the latest T magazine? It was excellent. Made me want to run out and buy something I can’t afford and made me think of you.

    • Oh I did! I actually bought the whole big bulky Times after reading it online just so I could have the article in hard copy. Lovely piece of writing on a lovely creative mind.:-)

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