Age On The Runway; Breaking Through the Final Frontier

Versace-Goldf-1I wrote this one right after the last round of fashion weeks and it was particularly enjoyable to write I must say.

Oscar Wilde once said ‘One should never trust a woman who tells her real age; a woman who would tell one that would tell one anything.’

This don’t ask-don’t tell nonsense belongs back in Wilde’s era. It is the opposite of where fashion is headed as I describe here…


  1. As usual, it’s women who pave the way for other women. Does this mean I might have a future in the fashion industry??

  2. Love this article, Jackie. Well done. I found myself thinking – is this really women breaking the fashion scene age barrier or is it just another example of baby boomers never letting go. But then I laughed and thought – so what. It’s all good.

  3. Hi Jackie, you should really take a look at business of fashion. They have a very interesting article you could read on the theme ‘revival’ in the industry. They also mention the Versace show! Your blog is super cool btw x

  4. Boomers or not…as a Generation X’er, I will be working hard to let out my inner Goddess and as for Jane’s ponytail? I loved it.
    Why else did I move to NYC? I knew that I could wear leopard tights under a mini-skirt into my 80’s and beyond! XO

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