Spotlight on Weinstein Abuse Shifts to Fashion Industry

Hervey1As the fallout continues, I thought it was necessary to write this, a second Weinstein-related piece this week, but on a  turn of events that is encouraging. Even if it took the revelations about this monster for us to tap into our long-suppressed rage, the future for women in all industries, but specifically fashion, looks to be brighter as a result. You can read the follow-up for FashionUnited here…


  1. While discussing this with an Italian friend, she commented that, growing up in Italy, it was par for the course, with a “what can you do about it” air. But us not speaking up when it was our turn, and just shrugging it off the best we could, made the behaviour acceptable and the consequences worse for those who came after us. Just because something has been the norm for thousands of years, it doesn’t mean it must become socially accepted.

    • It’s a worldwide phenomenon. I think Emma Thompson nailed it when she said the old fashioned word for it was ‘pestering” as in “Is he pestering you?’ My mum’s generation used ‘interfere’. Women of all ages are blankly accustomed to navigating around it and moving on. It’s just what we did, a survival tactic. But it’s great to think there might be less need for it for future generations.

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