Better Than The Devil Wears Prada


As I was writing ‘Silk for the Feed Dogs’ my driving impulse was to write a novel set in the fashion industry that didn’t fall prey to the tired metaphors and lazy clichés typical of novels such as ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ (complete respect to those behind the movie though. They worked magic.) The all-conquering commercial juggernaut that was Weisberger’s tome actually left any fashion-centred debut novel coming in its wake all at sea, like a small sailboat powered by a novice sailor in the shadow of a mammoth steam-powered crew-manned ocean liner.

Questions percolating in my head during the writing of it were: Couldn’t women handle humor and poetry in the same sitting? Do readers interested in fiction set in the industries of fashion, magazines, beauty, appreciate only two-dimensional characters described in words of two syllables? Have books featuring female protagonists and gay best friends (that’s not a cliché, merely everyday reality outside of Hollywood) finally shed the condescending label of “chick lit”? Could the words “fabulous” and “fiction” play together?

As I wrote I stretched the ration of brain cells distributed to us evolved mammals with X chromosomes so that they rattled with the strain of it all inside my wee head, and attempted to write a novel set in the international fashion industry, for adults. That’s why this recent brief Amazon U.K. review by a reader packs such a punch and my heart is giving a kitten-heeled leap. Miss Goodman doesn’t know the good she’s done me by firing off these six words.

You can pick up a copy here and feel free to let me know if you think I accomplished my goal!thumbnail_IMG_1001 2

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