Meet The Crew at FashionUnited HQ

I just returned from a packed few days in Amsterdam where FashionUnited is based. That small but charming hub on the map is where the fashion journal, now read in approaching 30 countries, was founded almost 19 years ago by Lennard Minderhoud, and where the magic continues to be made. Ground control.

Those gathered around me for these photos are the core Netherlands editorial team, not sales, not IT, HR, or any of the other extensive departments that make a fashion journal operate. Esmerij, front left, who has been with the company for fifteen years, developed the global editorial department, Don, front right, was her first hire. The rest of us arrived much later. I know, they’re a ridiculously attractive group!

There is rumor of a global editors’ meeting to be held perhaps next year for which we would descend from all corners of the world on Amsterdam. It would be a great opportunity to finally meet my peers from far and wide, from Mexico and Russia and India and Peru and Brazil, to unite fashion, what else? But, for now, as I always post the articles I write for here, I thought you might like to see some behind-the-scenes, and some gratuitous photos of Amsterdam––because, why not?

And if it looks like there wasn’t a lot of work getting done, don’t you know it’s important to let ideas marinate?



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