Kawakubo’s Tribe; Don’t Comme for me unless I send for you

17760923_10154605059222635_7407652721767829853_oWell, that was an interesting visit to the Met this weekend. I’ll give no more away but you can read about it here as I felt compelled to chronicle it for Fashion United. It made my editor laugh anyway.

Now, whose side are you on..?IMG_7673


  1. Can’t tell. Sleeves or no sleeves on yourCDG?

  2. Sleeves! There WAS somewhere for my arms to go 🙂

  3. Aha! Jackie – Thank You. I haven’t made it to the Met, yet, but now I am even more excited to travel into the experience. I will plan to just absorb.

  4. Enjoy, absorb and let your ears flap too. Although my friend went last weekend and he overheard good things so maybe I just got a coach load of grouches 🙂 Report back on your experience! X

  5. Ah, so we have to pick tribes? How delightful!! I was looking forward to the experience – now even more so 🙂

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