Taking Out The Trash; Fashion’s Affair With Bad Taste

Backlash is the new black, Twitter clapback the new currency.

It’s the reason some brands have any voice at all, but can it last?

In my piece for Fashion United, I examine how we went from this…CHRISTIAN-DIOR-FALL-2000-HC-24…to this…_13028985

Read on here!


  1. Oiy! Where does it end? or does it end with the beginning? or is the beginning signalling the end? (OK, I should stop now….I’m too confused.)

  2. I just checked on your book in Goodreads. It looks good, so I marked it!

  3. What I don’t understand (and probably never will) is how can people pay $$ for crap fashion like that. Seriously, if one has $425 for a pair of faux muddy jeans, surely that person can think of better ways to spend $425. I know I can 🙂

  4. The recent fashion trend reminds the modern art of the 90’s. It moved from sublime beauties to shock objects. Like Donald Judd’s sophistication to Tracy Emin’s unmade bed with spent condoms! The muddy jeans, the latest offering of fashion, is the last straw…

  5. It’s an interesting comparison––and hopefully a passing fad, not a movement!

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