Why Do Designers Dress Themselves In Uniforms?

Exx-KarlLagerfeldop-1And then turn around and tell us our look is old and we need to change it––every six months! Hmmm, something’s not right…I look into this strange double standard in my latest article for FashionUnited.com which you can read here…


  1. I wonder if it also has to do with sensory overload.

    • There might be something in that. It’s an interesting issue to examine. I feel not myself in black or neutral clothing so I guess it doesn’t effect me!

  2. While those designers present different takes of fashion every season, why they seems to be indifferent to the trend? It is an interesting observation. I imagine they think they know what look most complimented with their signature uniform? They may consider they are above criticism while us the consumers are their laboratory mice, being dressed and undressed by their “wacky ideas’?😤

  3. Hmmm, whenever we go out M. wears his “uniform”. He likes to fade into the background and let me “shine”. Perhaps that is the statement with the designer’s simplicity and color choice. Fade into the background, so their creations take center stage.

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