Athleisure Convicted to Death Row But Awaiting Execution

My latest piece for FashionUnited is on a topic that weighs heavy on my heart…about-panel2

Too big to fail? In a struggling apparel market it’s the only sector that’s flourishing, has earned its own Merriam Webster entry, and while Forbes estimates its current U.S. worth to be 44 billion dollars, Morgan Stanley predicts it will grow to 83 billion by 2020. But like those lone soothsayers who predicted the great recession but were shouted down by the louder majority, some experts, including Lululemon founder Chip Wilson, have been predicting Athleisure’s imminent demise since last summer. As I sit at brunch in downtown Manhattan, and the jagged mesh panels cut across the landscape of my Sunday morning like a blight, my concern is it’s not going away fast enough… continue reading here


  1. Your article will make a lot of women shift uncomfortably in their beloved comfort spandex uniform 🙂

  2. No matter how expensive the yoga pants, they are confined to yoga studios or short trips to the supermarket. Sometimes I am accused of being overdress but I don’t buy the fad. Does no favors to anyone.

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