Exposing The Biggest Scam in the Fashion Industry

763212cbf4215d2349764bfb78593070-2Most industry outsiders wouldn’t know this goes on. Designers talk about it amongst themselves regularly. After a recent conversation with a group of them, I decided to write about it so that it could be brought out into the open and perhaps lead to the death of the practice.

My article went live on FashionUnited yesterday morning and I shared it on the few social media options I allow myself. By the mid-afternoon, it had been viewed on LinkedIn over 600 times and on Facebook 40 times. I know it will be one of FashionUnited’s most read pieces this month despite my turning it in two days before month’s end. I’ll admit I  was shocked by the amount of immediate attention it got. Then I was saddened because so many designers have suffered this. It’s abuse of talent. It’s not right. You can read the piece here.


  1. I do hope your article leads to the beginning of the death of such a practice.

  2. Jackie, you have told this sad saga well. Like you said, I think the process started as an honest bid to see if someone “fit” into the company culture, but has become terribly abused. Wow – sigh. (I just saw Kinky Boots, and it reminded me of the UK bloke who story it was — a documentary, a film and a Broadway show and he gets the minimal scrapings of recognition for living it.)

  3. Hi D! I’ve seen only the movie version of Kinky Boots and enjoyed it but had no idea the inspiration for the character, the real live hero, had been forgotten about amidst all the glory… 😦 That’s disappointing.
    Have a wonderful day! x

  4. As an outsider, I didn’t know this is going on. But having read a little bit about the fashion industry (your articles, always informative and to the point, among others) I find this hardly surprising.

  5. Sounds a bit like the practice of paid auditions. Actors pay for “audition workshops ” when, in reality, they are just being auditioned while the casting directors get paid

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