What Donald Trump Can Learn From LVMH’s Bernard Arnault

16300234_1298895013523887_8462748128035104166_oFed up with politics, I often retreat into the gloss of fashion. But nowadays even that doesn’t work. The worlds are colliding like never before. They’re marching on runways like on the streets. So I have to run with it and the idea for this piece came about.

After deciding to look into the two empire builders, I was taken aback by their similarities, but found that it was the differences between them that were most revealing. In this piece written for FashionUnited, I explore the characters behind the successes. This article, I’m happy to say, is to be translated into several languages for various international FashionUnited websites.

You can read it here…


  1. 🙂 Dear Jackie,
    excellent and very interesting! No more words needed.
    Hope you’re having a very HAPPY weekend xo 🙂

  2. Excellent piece Jackie, does merit publication in several languages! And I do agree with your tag ”Donald Trump is probably envious ofor Bernard Arnault”. xxx

  3. If you can’t escape politics, this is an excellent read.

  4. Excellent article. Just excellent. It occurred to me while reading it too that LVMH pulled back from investment in many markets because they perceived the brand was being cheapened by too much supply in places like China. They obviously had the long game foremost in mind. Which is another lesson, no?

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