Make Fashion Great Again!

katharine-hamnett-typography-fashion-typographyAs voices for change, fashion designers are perfectly placed. Change is their currency. But some of the more dollar-hungry old guard who perhaps have shareholders to please have lost their rebel yell, if indeed they had any in the first place. With Ms Herrera, it’s debatable. But fashion has historically given those hungry to make a statement a megaphone. So to the narrow-minded, status quo-accepting, old-school, I suggest, they consider shelving their opinions at this time to allow the more dynamic up-to-date independent voice to be heard. That’s enough of your nonsense, Mr Hilfiger. Haven’t you heard, we expect more from our high profile women nowadays than to be mere decoration?

Today’s rant was brought to you by my latest FashionUnited article in which I have selected the five best examples of fashion and politics colliding. I hope it inspires you to let out a roar (even if it’s into your sleeve in your cubicle.) Please read here


  1. I don’t know about you but I will be paying close attention to whom will be fawning over to dress Melania Trump. I might be on the losing side but I can protest in a million ways, including choosing where to shop and what brands to wear.

  2. That’s my girl! To get you started, have a look at the #GrabYourWallet movement for 32 companies that sell Trump items.

  3. I’d say I would boycott Trump but I can’t afford his stuff anyway 😉 Loved your article, Jackie, and the reminder that fashion can be politically (and appropriately) subversive when it wants to be.

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