Supima Student Design Show

img_5030_2Any time I come across solid student work and witness the drive to excel that some students possess, I admit I get a little emotional. Fashion is a tough gig and I can’t help thinking back to when I was starting out and how much I wanted to succeed. These six students from all over the U.S. exhibit these qualities and it was a pleasure to view the results of their hard work.

The embroidered text on this student’s jacket is the perfect addition to the sentiment: Why not go for it..?” Hell to the yeah. Because it’s now or never.img_5049_2

Shooting for the $10,000 prize money there was even a former student of mine, Kara Kroeger.

There was some fierce competition but you’ll have to read on here to find out if she was the winner… 🙂


  1. Before finding out who actually won…..loved Jacob Blau and Jeffrey Taylor.

  2. Viewing and supporting fashion students’ show is exciting! I love the opening photo when all of them standing in front of the media wall. Here’s my experience of viewing Raffles (Sydney) fashion students’ work at a show room:

    Vivienne X

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