The Troubled Past of Fashion Wunderkind Jonathan Anderson

Landscape_Image_2016We share the same “interesting” past, he and I. Good or bad, it has inevitably left its mark on us. Let me set the scene…

Jonathan Anderson grew up just down the road from me on a farm in a village in the heart of Northern Ireland called The Loup, (pronounced “Loop.”) You could count the number of families that live there on both hands. The climate is rainy, the major industry is cattle farming, and the land is hallucinogenically green. While Ireland can certainly hold its own for having produced notable talents in a variety of fields, and Northern Ireland can boast a smattering too––Rory McIlroy, Seamus Heaney–– feted zeitgeist-capturing fashion darlings who have the industry at their feet are as rare to us as three consecutive sunny days in July.

So it begs the question what makes Jonathan Anderson from The Loup so special..? Please read on here…

One comment

  1. Ah, that little place off the beaten path — gorgeous and green, huh? Resilient sounds like a good description, perhaps tenacious, with a healthy dose of reality. What that might give you at the end of the equation? Sanity in a very crazy World.

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