The Case for Hillary’s Technicolor Dreamcoat

During this long-winded exhausting election cycle, one thing has stood out to me about Hillary Clinton, and it’s got nothing to do with her policies. Have you noticed it too? I wrote about it here for FashionUnited…



  1. Great article Jackie – looks like women can’t win for losing! It’s seems so unfair that women are under such close scrutiny when it comes to their appearance, more so when their ability to do a job takes a back seat to what they’re wearing.

    • I know, very disheartening. Evie. However I did see a piece today on how all the members of a parliament at that sitting (if that’s what they’re called) were all women and it was the first time that it had ever happened. The speaker even drew attention to it. 🙂

  2. I did notice. And what you write explains it! She has worn the jacket in your last photo more than once and I have no doubt she recycles. And here we are, once again, having to write about double (sartorial) standards. She can afford it, it’s not taxpayers’ money so good for her. Cue sigh of relief that she finally found someone able to give her a style.

    • In saying all that, I can only hope now that she is behind closed doors strategizing till her head threatens to pop off because shit’s getting too crazy! She needs to court Bernie voters and make more concessions because I have a very horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. If they don’t cast a vote for her or stay home, this is going to be a disaster. This Republican convention is like a Coney Island sideshow stand…maybe Shoot The Freak––except they have all the guns!

  3. How telling, that 20-some years later you still have to write a piece along similar lines!

  4. 🙂 Great article, dear Jackie!
    As Lia said – how can it be, that so many years after The Iron Lady people are still discussing clothes of a woman, who might be the first female President of the US?

    What about Mr. Trump’s ridiculous hair? It’s horrible and it’s been accepted.
    But if Mrs. Clinton has a “bad hair day” it’s in every media.

    Germany’s leading lady Angela Merkel has been facing the same discussions. She has found her uniform and her tailor for slacks and matching jackets she seemingly has in every color and she combines them with various short necklaces. It looks like she feels comfortable in them. Once that issue was openly discussed and solved, the topic is more or less off the table in Germany.
    What about “Mrs. Money” Christine Lagarde (Manager Director of the International Monetary Fund) with her never ending selection of Hermès Kellys and Birkins? Who says she shouldn’t or can’t wear them?

    So back to Mrs. Clinton: From my point of view she can wear whatever she likes and what she paid for. She is a woman after all. One that has a lot of things on her plate and needs (a) quality bag(s) to help her through life. Maybe buying and wearing things made by American designers would help solve the issue? Perhaps she should find her very own Edith Head who will help her find her style and solve this silly issue once and for all?

    Have a very HAPPY weekend!
    Greetings from Vienna xo 🙂

  5. Very well said! I hadn’t been aware that Merkel suffered this same fate. Mind you, there’s enough going on here to keep my attention! What a circus! Wearing American designers should be a no-brainer for her but maybe she’ll get wise to that. xo

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