FIT: The People Making a Difference-Part 3

Closing out my three-part report on the wonderful things I learned at FIT’s Summer Institute, this post is a celebration of good old American Artisanship; the new pioneers who are going against the grain and replanting their flag on this once-fertile soil.

Read about the brave creatives reclaiming the lost territory of Made in the US here…



  1. My favorite pair of jeans – ever – was a Paper Denim and Cloth, long sadly died. Miss them enormously. Still looking for a good substitute.

    • Maybe you’ll have to go bespoke. Check it out next time you’re in NYC. I absolutely hate jeans shopping so this would either be the seventh ring of hell for me or transform the process into bliss, I can’t decide which…

  2. Wasn’t there a jeans shop in the Meatpacking Distract that did bespoke (14th)? I think the sign was a pig — remember looking and thinking, but my wallet couldn’t take the commitment. I love the belts – amazing.

  3. Wow- very informative, as per usual 🙂 I appreciate how much knowledge of fashion you bring to my life!

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