My Night at the CFDA Awards

It’s a busy time for me––just when I thought things would be winding down for summer. But some obligations are too delicious to pass up. One highlight was my unexpected invite to what is known as the Fashion Industry’s Oscars, this week: the CFDA Awards. Here’s the inside scoop on the event which I wrote about for FashionUnited. Hope you enjoy––Oh, yes, of course! I should start with what I wore… IMG_2543



The skirt is vintage from Cobblestones in the East Village. I’m wearing it with a swimsuit because apparently, they don’t make bodies any more. No bathroom breaks for me then.


Jewelry from my extensive collection of random baubles that just doesn’t get enough of an airing any more. If I do say so myself. More invites to things would help that.


Now let’s get going. Don’t want to be late. Follow along here


  1. Love, love that skirt (and on the subject of bodies, they were all the rage in the 80s and then, you are right, they disappeared…).

    • I remember bodies when I was a teenager. How can something so useful disappear without a trace? What has replaced them? Ah well, the swimsuit served me well. Have a great Sunday.

  2. 🙂 Oh, wow, what a stunner, dear Jackie!
    You look beautiful! I love the way you styled up for this event. Is your hair in a knot?
    Hahaha, I think I just threw out my last body a couple of weeks ago.
    Have a very HAPPY Sunday! xo 🙂

  3. You look fabulous! I adore your statement earrings! How wonderful to be invited to CFDA Awards!!

    Vivienne X

  4. Looking stunning Jackie! Fabulous…you took it. (swimsuit is good — Wolford for bodies). XO

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