Kent State Fashion Portfolios

It’s that time of the year again. Students graduate and stride off campuses all across the country with their eyes on exciting horizons and a leather book tucked safely under one arm: their portfolio.

Meet Lauren. She’s one of them.


Here are examples of some lovely work from the graduating class of Kent State, Ohio. Enjoy!


  1. Great! Am glad to see they are so inspired and hardworking.

  2. What lovely, lovely work!

  3. Yes, some impressive work. They’re so ready to embark on their job search!

  4. Jackie, absolutely amazing. How come I hear echoes of your experience trying to get a position and not hearing back from Dries, and trying to say the “right” thing? I wish some of the interviewers would be open rather than looking for the “buzz” word.

    • Yes, they’re a good bunch. And just think, preconceived formulas and patterns are much more ingrained in hirers now than back in my day. Between you and me…I don’t envy them.

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