Fashion’s Unsung Designers; Bonnie Cashin

Here’s the latest in the series. Let me briefly set the scene for this one…

Pre-WWII, New York City was much more of a blue-collar city than it is today. Industry of all kinds was represented in the bustling gritty city, from the seaport to the skyscrapers.

I like to think of Bonnie Cashin as a glamorous and hard-working “broad” operating at a time when men in fedoras talked out the side of their mouth, squinting through cigar smoke, uttering things like: “Now look see, say, little lady, that’s swell…”image

A West Coast dreamer with a New Yorker’s  chutzpah. Read all about her here…


  1. How I love stories of creative and strong women I have never heard of!

  2. There should be a biography for Bonnie Cashin with that photo on the cover. I think you could write it and do a swell job.

  3. Thank you Winston. Nice to hear from you.
    There is actually quite a comprehensive book on Bonnie by Stephanie Lake called Chic is Where You Find it. Just that one, I think, written by her friend who knew her well and archived her legacy.

  4. Jackie, Thank You for the background — most of what I knew was wrapped around Coach and her coats for Sills, etc. I have a few vintage pieces. 😀

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