Fashion’s Unsung Designers: Walter Albini


Way before Alessandro Michele pleated lamé for Gucci…there was Walter Albini…

I found out about him by chance while living in Italy. It’s hard to believe he’s not more well-known. Was he too early? Gone too soon? Timing is everything. I wonder will anyone ever think of relaunching his house as he was a pioneer of much about the Italian fashion industry as we know it today..? And what a wonderful archive that would be.

I’ll seduce you with just a sampling of his beautiful drawings (that’s how it happened with me.) Then please read all about him here 



  1. What beautiful illustrations – do not know why, exactly, perhaps the era? But for some reason, this post reminded me of the silent film star, dubbed, The IT Girl – (Clara Bow) She was one who successfully transitioned from silent film star to ‘talkies’ in the late 1920s – – 🙂

    • Yes, I can see Clara Bow too, the original starlet. There’s something about the early 20th century that is eternally appealing. Maybe we yearn for that type of everyday elegance or for occasions to dress up?

      • I think that era was full of both elegance, and moxie – which, I think, is what draws me to it – as women got the vote (in US) – as startletts were born, as flappers made their own style and history – AND yet, there was an elegance, grace and beauty, to it all – like the best of both worlds! The new and the old – during this turbulent, changing time for women! 🙂

  2. How amazing! Granted, I was way too young but I have never heard of him. My mother had a penchant for Krizia – who knows if any of his designs landed in her closet.

  3. It’s so sad when talent like this gets forgotten because they didn’t ‘make it big’. Thank you for the introduction! Jx

  4. I want that star pattern outfit. GORGEOUS!
    Since he was designing for so many houses, do you think his name was diluted? If he was able to get funding and do his own with one house — perhaps he would be remembered better? And…he did die young. 😦

  5. Sigh…pleated lame (can’t find accent mark on laptop!) …anyway, pleats have my heart and I appreciate your brining Walter into our lives!

  6. Wow. Incredible stuff. Timeless. I hope his look is relaunched as opposed to plagiarised.

  7. A hidden gem..a joy! Will have to find out more about him too.. xxx

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