Fashion’s Unsung Designers; Cacharel’s Jean Bousquet


Here is the second in the series about forgotten figures in fashion for FashionUnited, which I hope you enjoy. It’s also a great opportunity to include an image of the iconic eternally mesmerizing Jane Birkin… Read article here






  1. 🙂 I remember Cacharel well! I had something from them looong ago and of course AnaisAnais. I think everybody wore it then. And later LouLou. oh, my, so long ago…so carefree and lovely.
    Thanks for the wonderful reminder!
    Big hug xo 🙂

  2. Growing up, I used to love Cacharel! It made me dream. All I have to show for it is a blouse I cannot part with.

  3. My memory is of AnaisAnais — my second scent and a huge step up from “Love’s Baby Soft” 😉
    The photos are absolutely dreamy~

  4. Oh yes, I remember anais and loulou too… hated them both with a passion 🙂 And the c!oths were too flower-girly for me in real life but those dreamy photos of Sarah Moon made me want to dive into that world! They still do…

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