The Show Must Go On

IMG_0502The Art Institute of New York City is closing and that reality is felt every day now. The doors will shut in Summer 2017 but already the hallways are a lot emptier; sometimes positively echoey. There are longer any new enrollments and the teach-out is barreling ahead at full steam.  Still, the students represented big style last week at New York Fashion Week. And to think when they arrived on campus only two years ago, most couldn’t even draw.

While corporate wrangling and debt management are the priorities in the parent company’s Pittsburg HQ, glamour and style were the primary concerns here in Manhattan.  And that’s as it should be.

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  1. Ahhh such a loss – I hope the shows continue!!

  2. I guess I’ll have less of an investment not knowing the students of the future but I’ll keep you posted. Happy Saturday! X

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