Desperately Seeking the Goon Squad

I’ve been seeking out people who loved Bowie this week hoping their company will ease the sadness of his passing. I’ve been mooching about like a teenager with my ears plugged and filled with his voice. Old songs, new songs, the in-between stuff. I’m lucky my husband is also a fan. I can’t imagine having a partner who told me to snap out of it. I’ve paid my respects, like so many others, outside his apartment building in downtown Manhattan, and standing in the snow, was so touched at the beautiful tributes, hand drawn pictures, poems, artifacts (a Mars bar!)

I will see daylight soon I think…

In the meantime I wrote a piece on his enormous influence for FashionUnited which I thought might bring me out of it. I hope you will take time to read it here.

And I really took heart in seeing NYC say RIP…IMG_2815

His theatre show had been sold out for weeks before his demise…IMG_2819Are you a Bowie fan?


  1. Love Bowie. I wouldn’t have made it through my teenage years without “Rebel Rebel” blasting in my ears. P.S. Nice job on the Bowie fashion piece.

  2. It wasn’t cool..I watched the Let’s Dance vid just so I could smile and see him full of life again.. xxx

  3. You know I couldn’t bear to listen to his music in the days following the announcement of his passing. It was just too much. And to think I wasn’t a fan in my teens like so many people. It took some growing up to really grasp and appreciate his influence. xx

    • It’s funny how people react differently. I couldn’t listen to anything else and it surprised me. I thought I had more time to discover his recent stuff so I scrambled to pay it respects as well. Have you ever heard “Kooks” from his very early pre-Ziggy year?. A new fave that I discovered during these weeks. 🙂

      • True! I think I heard Kooks for the first time while watching a film/docu (not sure which). I love how the word Kooks sounds when I say it out loud 🙂
        Got a couple of things bookmarked to watch, like his appearance at the Dick Cavett Show, but I’ll give it a bit more time xxx

  4. I was like Jackie — listening to as much as possible and taking people along the ride with me. No one minded. Fabulous article Jackie — you would be glad to hear that I have young people around me who have listened and know. Something to do with their parents and surrounding cast of characters who shared their experiences with Bowie.

    • I think you’re right–older siblings or parents can contribute a lot to our formative tastes. Being the oldest child, with only my mum’s old time Irish quick steps and faux country and western in the house, I had to find my way to Bowie myself 🙂

    • I hope you’re dry-eyed and feeling his creative spirit now. Man, that dude just didn’t lie down in the face of criticism, cancer, age, nothing. That alone I find as inspiring as his music. I’m trying to keep it in mind when I feel defeated or overwhelmed. xo

  5. Hope it’s not as raw now, Jackie. I didn’t know he wrote a play with Enda Walsh. Now that’s sure to be some totally surreal out of body experience I have to have at some point.

    • I think I’m beginning to come out, Tara. I was sad to have missed the play. It got great reviews. I didn’t know much about Enda Walsh before, I must admit.

      • He’s been getting progressively weirder as time goes on, and his last play with Stephen Rea and Cillian Murphy was unfathomable, but it’s always watchable. And then throw Bowie into the mix, it’s bound to be special at worst.

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