I can’t help it. I am quite obsessed with this:


Harry Styles in Gucci

One Direction appeared on UK TV last week to announce the band’s extended hiatus and girls worldwide plunged into blind panic. But I had a serene smile plastered all over my face. Bless this man child. How well he wears his Gucci suit!

It always stands out to me how blandly men dress and how threatened they still are by a florid pattern or an overripe hue (Harry got a lot of grief for this ensemble). I am beyond tired of the Yeezy influence that has smeared itself all over the industry and lodged itself in the cracks. It appears men can never have enough jersey knit (comfort, the killer of statement dressing) and never too many hoods (the thinking being they add attitude and athleticism). Seventh Avenue, which proudly, if not deservedly, goes by Fashion Avenue, boasts jersey and jeans as far as the eye can see, irregularly interspersed with suits and, only for the bold, a shirt in a two-color stripe. Whereas I dream of Carnaby Street in the 60s, Kings Road in the 70s, Rodeo Drive in the 80s.

I’d welcome a return to a time when men were peacocks equal to their women. Look at Richard Burton–proving even two-color stripes can be arresting.


Dick & Liz: a clash of egos…and patterns

Then along came Harry…

Rumors that he wants to break out as a solo artist are rife and he’s certainly the only member of the band worth noticing.


Mick and Harry; Flower Power

Fleurs du male. The average male shuns flowers as effeminate and foppish but, dude,  it takes mad masculinity to master marigolds, poppies and cabbage roses meandering across a lean torso. A college sweatshirt emblazoned with your team’s letters, not so much. Too obvious. The flower children are not pansies underneath the pretty exterior. They’re dashing dandy gypsies brooding on romance and chasing muses.

So, speaking of muses…Gucci, why did you choose Jared Leto, and not Harry, to be the face of your menswear?

It’s a blooming missed opportunity is what it is.

My novel, Silk for the Feed Dogs, set in the international fashion industry features a rather exceptional peacock boy, Edward, and his equally head turning friend, Kat. You can get it here.


  1. My God! I love that suit. How did the clothing go over with your handsome gentleman? Did he like the magnifier?

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