The Plight of the Misunderstood Genius

imagesTeaching fashion design has its moments…

It’s not all basic princess seams, zipper insertion and welt pockets; it offers opportunities for fully lined, shoulder padded, head-to-toe sequined, handkerchief-hemmed hilarity (No, really, it does.) I meet such variety of the human species passing through my classroom. Last week I had a head-scratching encounter with one that made me question all I knew to be teachable and true, and which inspired this week’s article for Hope it gives you a titter too…

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  1. Happy accidents are great in any art, though I guess I have to agree that we can’t base our future careers on them 😉

    • The Incredible Accidental Artist: No one knows what he’s going to do next––least of all him! 🙂

      • It was a funny story – Pure genius that happened by a bunch of by chance mistakes… There is a story that the composer Schoenberg would ask students why they chose a particular note. If the answer was, “because it sounds good,” he’d make them start over. That’s not the answer! There has to be a reason for every note or it isn’t composed.

  2. Love that too. I’ll have to find a way to wriggle it into what I say in the classroom.

  3. Hilarious. But a missed opportunity. He or she had the magic opportunity of spinning a wonderful tale around pedantic mishaps and show some chutzpah. Shame.

    • I agree. If she had understood how to manage the mishaps, that would have shown vision. I was willing her to say something intelligent about how this mundane series of events led to a great result but it wasn’t to be… I live in hope.

  4. Oh Jackie, you must have been dying on the inside. Did the student realize the beautify her list of mishaps created? Could she have shifted her mind to learn and build upon them? Or were they just mistakes?
    What fun for sharing. XO

  5. Fashion as a form of applied art – this makes perfect sense and I wish more people would keep this in mind when designing apparel and accessories (so that they would stop creating junk and try passing these off for fashion)!

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