Humans of New York


Brandon Stanton, Man of the People

I was delighted to see one of my past students pop up on my Humans of New York Facebook feed today. “Wait a minute, I know her!” I leered blearily at the computer screen in a post-Thanksgiving food daze. In this densely populated city, I suppose it had to happen sometime.

I have covered this Human’s particular story before and am delighted to see so many others are struck by her too. 106 000 Likes, on the Facebook post, I see? 1,667 comments to Part 2 of her story…

Her HONY spotlight is a three-parter and the Comments section makes entertaining reading as HONYers speculate on how her story turns out. Here’s Part 1…

I sent her a message of congratulations and she replied:

Professor Mallon I am so grateful. Wow!!!! Even I am anxious to
See the way Brandon told the story. This is a plain miracle to be spotted by him.
Here’s the interview I did with her for FashionUnited, if you want to know more about this inspiring individual:


  1. What fun! She is fabulous. Apparently, I was a Snap-chat NYC Story and poof. Strange.

  2. We are big fans of Humans of New York here! And I remember this story when you published on Fashion United. How random

  3. It’s a great website and I’m always looking for someone I know on it. I’ve noticed a few familiar faces that I’ve seen around cafes…But Brandon has a way of making them talk and when I read some of the intimate stories I think, gosh, won’t it be weird for those people to be seen out and about and everyone know so much about them without ever having a spoken to them…

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