Meet my Boss

The still awe-inspiring NYC Skyline

The still awe-inspiring NYC Skyline

I’m lucky to live and work in this place. New Yorkers bitch and gripe about the cost of living and the crazies roaming the streets; the bugs and the stink of trash in summer; the obnoxious consumption and the corporate dominion; the trust-fund hipsters and the must-see hotspots gone bust in six months; the cab drivers that will mow you down and the unhelmeted amateurs who give us Citybikers a bad name; the human tangle of Time Square and the concrete jungle of midtown; the velvet ropes and bottle service and potholed streets and bad plumbing…

You get the picture.

But I wouldn’t live anywhere else (least of all, Brooklyn––don’t get me started!) This is where I’m meant to be. New York is my muse.

I teach a group of midwestern fashion students who believe this is where they’re meant to be too. When they graduate. But first they’re here:

Kent State's bucolic midwestern campus

Kent State’s bucolic midwestern campus

Young Kim

Young Kim

No, not bad either.

This is the fairy godmother who whisks them away Cinderella-like to the Big Apple and to me.

New York becomes their muse too.

She is my boss, Young Kim. Here’s what she does…

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  1. Last night, coming home in the subway, I felt grimy and dirty. I had forgotten that about New York. As much as I love it, I end up feeling drenched in other’s people’s sadness, anger, tiredness. It must be all that close proximity at any given time. Should I ever win the lottery, though, I would invest in a brownstone in Brooklyn Heights: more mellow but still close. And you would have to cross the bridge and come for tea.

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