Lost and Found

Cheers to settling into Fall!

Cheers to settling into Fall!

Hi there.

I know I’ve been a little neglectful lately and I hope you’ll bear with me.

It’s been a frenetic entry to Fall. Probably because I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself to get this novel in decent shape by end of year.

Not helped by the realization that we’ve just been dropped swirling into that holiday vortex that hurtles us through months like Doctor Who’s tardis: …Whoa there went Labor Day…ah yes, Columbus Day––oh, it’s passed?…what, Halloween already? Seriously, wait, Thanksgiving..? I can’t believe it’s Christmas…till the words of John Lennon singing another year over and what have you done shove us towards the cooking sherry…

Okay, calm down. The leaves have just begun to rustle on the trees but haven’t detached themselves yet. We’re good. Breathe…

So the odd little update to the ritual of Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue that I experienced this weekend hit home…

I’d been reading a quiet book by an Irish author, Jennifer Johnston, that I had been curious about. Bohemian-style, I shoved the book in my coat pocket on the way out of a café Friday night and hurried home through Storm Joaquin’s relentless rain. I made pitstops at a dry cleaners and a wine shop on the way.

Later that night I wanted to read my book and it was nowhere to be found. I couldn’t start another book not till I found out whether they would send the boy away or not…

I couldn’t understand where it had disappeared to. I read Vogue instead.

The next morning I retraced my steps from the previous night––quite futilely, I was sure, but just to give myself peace of mind. Trudging and scouring the slick sidewalks, I couldn’t believe it…

My book! (No, folks, I did not put my book on a leash. The white line is paint dripped on sidewalk..)

Washed away by Joaquin!

More than a match for the mighty Joaquin!

The bookmark was still marking my page. And for all Joaquin’s raging (and raging East Village partiers stampeding from bar to bar) I’ve had books that fell in the bathtub come off worse than this.

Fabulous. I returned home at a triumphant clip.

That afternoon, I decided, was the perfect time to take this little plaid jacket that I’d found earlier in the summer out for a promenade. Heading out the door, I put my hands in the pockets and extracted a dainty pair of cornflower blue leather gloves. They had obviously been forgotten about by the store owner.

Ready to promenade. If you're curious the pockets are too shallow to stuff books in...

If you’re curious the pockets are too shallow to stuff books in…

Surely these events were gentle nudges that I should slide my hands in my pockets more often and just amble through Autumn.

Don’t you think..?

Pleased to meet you


If you’re ready to tuck in for some cozy reading on these longer nights then my first novel Silk for the Feed Dogs is available here


  1. What a happy tale! Hope that book’s ending is equally satisfying.

  2. I love this. A book in that story surely? I once found a vintage bag and on closer inspection an inside pocket contained a cigarette half smoked,an address on a scrap of paper and the metal clasp from a suspender belt……I hope she and her bag had a great night!! X

  3. Yay, you got the book back. I must check it out. I’ve just ordered The girl on the train and elements of style by Strunk and White for my course in technical writing.
    The jacket and gloves are beautiful! I must have a look in some of the second-hand shops the next time I’m in Belfast.

    Best of luck with the rest of your novel! 🙂

    • Oh you’re doing a course, eh? Interesting. Would love to hear more… That Strunk and White book is a must for all, I think. I’ve not read The Girl on the Train. Let me know what you think.
      Get a rummaging through those moth-eaten Belfast baskets! 🙂

      • Lol! I’m doing technical writing at the University of Limerick. I’m loving it. We’re all about plain English and audience analysis right now. Can’t wait to see Elements of style. Also didn’t realise that White wrote Charlotte’s web…
        My poor blog is suffering for it 🙂

  4. Tell me about it. This writing malarkey fairly interferes with blogging schedules! Feeling your pain xo

  5. What a great piece of luck! Did you play the Lotto that day? I hope so. XO

  6. I recognise your vortex! Xxxxx

  7. Love that jacket. And those gloves? A beautiful looking omen.

    • I need these little reminders/omens, and if they’re beautiful even better. Instead of Stop and smell the coffee, my note to self will be: Stop and slip on ladylike gloves 🙂

  8. I’ve been very neglectful lately too Jackie. My blog suffers from me having a paying job. From the looks of it Andrew may never finish school. – He’s now looking at grad schools and Eastman is at the top of his list. Someone has to pay for this! I’m counting on him taking care of me in my old age! Love the blue gloves you got as a bonus. ~Elle

  9. I had been on a break from my blog during summer as I was travelling, had family visiting me in Brussels and vice-versa when I returned to Singapore, and just simply enjoying lots of sunshine and fine weather outdoors. I missed writing but I was having so much fun 😉 Took me a while to get back into the momentum of blogging and reading blogs… but here I am again! Nice that your book survived a night in the street unscathed and what a lucky find with the gloves. Enjoy both of them!

  10. A pair of cornflower blue leather gloves forgotten in the pocket of a vintage jacket sounds like the start of a story to me, Jackie! Quite apart from the lovely serendipity tale…

    • Oh, don’t you dare tempt me, Tara. The merest whiff of encouragement and I’d be tearing off on the scent of another novel idea instead of finishing the one I’m on. Hmmm I see your point though…maybe I’ll just jot down a few notes…(3 weeks later “I’m onto something here, I know it, gotta see it though…What other novel?” 🙂

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