September issue

It’s Fashion Week and the streets are alive with the ring of change. I’m brim full of ideas. It’s a time to look forward to what to wear––and read. I pre-ordered the new Sarah Waters weeks ago and it has arrived. I’ll have my nose stuck in that for a few days––but I’ll be wearing a pussy bow.

Words and pictures.

Words and pictures

Of course I’m still chasing what I didn’t get round to last season…IMG_8966And I need to catch up on a few magazines, immerse myself in the new ad campaigns…

The weekend should do it...

The weekend should do it…

And I’ve a menu of exciting looks to plan for Autumn. Flowers will feature.IMG_8434 IMG_8700 IMG_8695 IMG_7731 IMG_7729But if you want to start off Fall by putting a divinely exquisite fashionable foot forward, grab a copy of my novel Silk for the Feed Dogs which is available here. Prepare to be stopped in the street by gasping admirers.

What a charming jacket!

Ooh, my, what a charming jacket!


  1. Oh, Jackie, so much to keep up with! I’ll just have to do my simple “go with the flow”, watch the street and dream. Love to see that Pussy Bow, mine is in the form of a silk Moschino high-neck blouse — past seasons. 😉

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