Back Shortly…

…Gone jam making!


Nectarine and mint is the winning flavor so far…

We’ve been members of a food co-op this summer and so every Tuesday our apartment looks like this…


When you take the going green lifestyle too far…

I’ve made pesto for days, a salsa verde that was highly applauded (quickly found out that friends will provide encouragement in exchange for free meals) and a variety of jams and chutneys. Tomato sauce for spaghetti coming up next!

Angry tomatoes, I'll make short work of those...

Look out, angry tomatoes, I’ll make short work of you…for I’ve a novel to write!

I am not this sort of person. Kitchens are rooms I walk through on the way to other more interesting rooms. You can’t imagine my surprise at this turn of events.

Is that a locally grown eggplant you have there or are you just pleased to see me?

Is that a locally grown eggplant you have there or are you just pleased to see me?

I’ve launched a brisk trade in birthday gifts.

It's fruit dressed up!

Doesn’t fruit dress up fabulously!

Straight outta Manhattan's East Village

Straight outta Manhattan’s East Village

But make no mistake, it’s time consuming. Doesn’t she have a novel to finish? I hear you whisper.

Yes. Yes indeed she does. This is the art of procrastination at its most organic.

You can read my first novel which is available here while I sweat over a kitchen stove…er, sorry labour over my second tome which will be available post haste…just as soon as I master the filo pastry for an upcoming batch of fruit pies…


  1. I love this line: “Kitchens are rooms I walk through on the way to other more interesting rooms.” And yet there you are, creating up a storm. I think this is your way of transitioning toward your next book, which I can’t wait to read. Cheers and have fun,

  2. Those tomatoes look amazing! We grew our own peas and artichokes this year. Not many peas actually made it to our dinner plates as the kids ate them straight from the plant. Most days when they we’re feeling peckish, I’d look out and see their heads poking up from among the pea plants (I think I might mention this in my next blog post!)
    Best of luck with your next novel. I have faith in you! 🙂

    • Artichokes? Fancy! I used to empty my mum’s beds of peas too. Oh they were good! Thanks for your faith. I’ll try not to abuse it in sauces! xo

      • We grew the artichokes because they are so expensive to buy, but the yield is quite small – only one or two per passive plant, and you need to get to them before the earwigs do! They do taste lovely though. I boil them for a while and then roast them in garlic butter. Mm…

  3. Go girl….it’s still creative and u get to share and eat. Love that description of kitchen. With Bake Off stealing everyone’s attention…but mine…I feel very inadequate in culinary dept. Enjoy! X

  4. Nectarine & mint? Who are you?!! A woman of many talents by the looks of it, and look at how professional your labels are! Be-ooo-tiful x

  5. If I email you my address would I get a box of nectarine and mint please? xxx

  6. Maybe I should begin a little enterprise and forget all this writing baloney…I mean, if I’ve already got international interest…jackie’s jams and jellies…Like the sound of that.xox

  7. Looking fantastically tasty, though….get back to that novel. XO

  8. You weren’t kidding about the jam sessions! I’m not much of a cook, but I can appreciate the groove of chopping, simmering, and cooling. My husband is methodical in his cooking. I’m like, “let’s throw it together and see what happens!” I know you have a novel to write, but I think procrastination periods like this are priceless. It relaxes that part of your brain devoted to writing, but you’re still being creative, still producing. When you go back to your novel, you will do so with a great sense of satisfaction 🙂

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