My latest article focuses on Rejection. We’ve all suffered it. I only wish I could handle it half as well as these students! Encore_CSM_USP_02Did you, like me, watch the small revolutions that happened in London and New York during May and June’s graduate fashion shows and think, Aha! Something vital and interesting is afoot? I’m referring to the simultaneous decisions by students of both Parsons and Central St Martin’s who had not been selected for their school’s official runway show to tear up the rulebook, and stage their own catwalk event. The Parsons students chose to operate under the name “Salon Des  Refusés” (a name that originally referred to a group of artists including Courbet, Pissaro and Manet, whose work was turned away from the coveted Paris Salon of 1863) and held it in a deserted nightclub…Click for full articleEx-Opinion-310-1


My novel, Silk for the Feed Dogs, set in the international fashion industry, follows a graduate fashion designer who suffers multiple rejections in her quest for the top. You can read the reviews and buy it here.


  1. Well said and kudos to these “rejects” who are fighting for their chance in this competitive industry!

  2. Hello again, my wordpress friend! Inspirational stuff. Rejection IS good for the soul – though now feeling my soul is well enough for the moment (do you hear that, British publishers?!).

  3. Would have like to see the show…(ummm, mirrors my personal theory about the Ivy League graduates (once you are in, you are in) vs. students who had to work hard to get through school. M. hates when I mention this…

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