Throwing Shade

Happy Summer, all! I’m just back from a lovely vacation on Cape Breton––an island never before on my radar that was full of lovely surprises––and thought I’d darken your doorstep just to say I’ll be checking in with you soon, once I unpack, do laundry, water plants, open mail and other sundry post-holiday chores.

Meantime, hope you hooked up in the sun with someone fun!IMG_8158IMG_8167IMG_8168IMG_8169IMG_8170


  1. Awww these photos made my heart smile. Welcome back!

  2. Just back too from sunny and troubled Greece! Looking forward to catching up – meanwhile googling Cape Breton… xxx

    • Would be great to visit Greece now and help via tourism (while getting a lovely less expensive flight and stay, of course) but I’ve been told no more trips allowed for the moment. 😦
      I’m thinking I’ll post more about Cape Breton as its a bit of a gem xo

      • No worries, we helped for three! I never seem to stay within budget when on holidays. Perhaps it’s in my greek DNA 🙂
        Would love to see more about Cape Breton. In exchange I’ll be posting about Greece xxx

  3. 🙂 Looks like you had a fun holiday! Where is Cape Breton?
    Looking forward to hearing and seeing more of your holiday!
    xo 🙂

  4. Love the shadow play!

  5. Kathryn McErlean

    Hi Jackie Glad to hear you got away on a nice holiday everyone needs vitamin D love your photo’s 😎

  6. Welcome home to the heat — are you melting, yet? XO

  7. I look forward to knowing more. Have been intrigued by the place for quite some time and wondered if it’s worth the trip. In the meantime, welcome home!

  8. As a Canadian from Toronto, Ontario, I am ashamed to say I’ve never been either ‘out east’ or ‘out west’. This inspires me to add on some travel to discover my homeland a bit more next trip.

  9. Hope you enjoyed your holiday – and we get to hear more about it soon! Jx

  10. Thanks Jade, I’ll post more about it for the curious. Hope your English summer is shaping up to be a memorable one xo

  11. If I posted photos on my blog, you would see one of my two grandsons on the sidewalk, only tall 10 year old’s shadow and 6 year old’s shorter shadow. 🙂

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