Parsons––3 Fashion Students to Watch, Part 3

Whereas some even make it look like child’s play…Here is the last of the series, on Elizabeth Bastian:ElizabethBastian_Portfolio1

Tell me about the experience of creating your final collection, the inspiration and your process, its evolution and anything you might have done differently.

When I was younger I attended The Waldorf School of Philadelphia, where the curriculum is balanced between artistic, academic and practical work. Throughout grade school various artisan skills are taught and while I was learning math, reading, and writing I also learned how to knit, crochet, felt, weave, sew and embroider. I am interested in the idea of being a child again, enveloped in a world of learning and playing in color. I began by focusing on the problem of “layering clothes” and how my mom would pile on extra pieces just in case I was cold, but come midday I found myself tying extra sweaters around my waist and leaving jackets behind…please click to continue IMG_6289


  1. Another excellent young designer. I love their idea of working with the environment in mind, multi-purpose items.

  2. It’s an interesting approach. I hope this is sign of a new way of thinking as we can’t continue in the fashion system the way we have been. We need people with the hunger and energy like Elzabeth to make things happen.

  3. Highly intelligent, sensible..yet with passion. I love her xxx

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