Parsons: 3 Fashion Students to Watch, Part 2

Here is the second in the interview series. Student’s got the blues and it’s the most wonderful representation of lovesickness ever. Over to you, Shen…Parsonss1

Tell me about the experience of creating your final collection, the inspiration and your process, its evolution and anything you might have done differently.

Oh boy, It was the most difficult task that I have done thus far! I flipped my sleeping schedule and came to school to work at night after all the classes ended, and went home to sleep before the classes came in. I did that for about three months. Click to continue…


  1. Here comes my favourite!, I thought as soon as the photo popped up… Zhang’s work really stuck with me since your article about the show xxx

  2. I loved this collection, too. The color, theme and silhouettes were/are amazing. The creativity came from the heart. Again, amazing.

  3. Totally agree. We can all relate to the emotions behind it but it takes some balls to filter it into something as public as a runway collection. Well done indeed.

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