3 Fashion Students to Watch, Part 1

This is the first of three interviews I did with inspirational fashion design students. A peep into their brains. So enlightening. Story telling in clothes.unnamed-1As the student fashion shows wrap up for another year, and graduates’ job search plans are put on short term hold while well-earned vacations are embarked upon, I’ve had a moment to reflect on this year’s stands outs. If Parsons represents the cream of the crop, it is there I must return to seek out the three BFA students whose visions for their runway have lingered in my mind while those of others have since faded to mere line-ups of clothes. As the students lie tanning on a beach or lounge till noon in their pjs, mentally preparing to thrust themselves into an industry whose commercial restraints and corporate conditioning will contort their creativity in previously unimaginable directions, I want to know what they were thinking about during this halcyon year of pure creativity? Here is the cream of the crop in their own words. The first one is Lea Germano…please click here27


  1. *Storytelling in clothes* How eloquent!

  2. Love this post Jackie. So interesting. Thanks for sharing. I hope you are well. Emma xx

  3. These interviews are a great idea. It really helps me appreciate the amount of work and dedication it takes to succeed in fashion.
    BTW my mum is reading Silk for the Feed Dogs and loving it too! 🙂

  4. Amazing to hear how her design process works, her history and her plans. Ahhh, to be young and the World before you! 😉

  5. Holy Moley! Lea’s work makes my heart sing!!! What talent! Thank you for sharing!!

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