The Hostess Skirt

We had our flat warming party at the weekend––only one year after we moved in. On the ball, we are. Anyway, I had been thinking for ages about what to wear. I don’t host much so it needed to be something with a certain aplomb. I nipped home to Ireland for a brief visit a couple of weeks ago and what do you know the answer to my sartorial needs presented itself in my mum’s attic.

I saw it peeping out from a box of old curtains. My mum wore it when she used to go out to local dances as a girl,  fifty years ago. She claims that, as the second oldest girl, she didn’t get out as much as her brothers. (Speaking of brothers, when I asked mine what he thought of my find, he replied, “It’s noticeable.”) Mum’s brothers didn’t want her tagging along with them and her older sister had no interest in going dancing. So Mum was stuck at home with the glamorous duty of feeding the pigs.

So you can imagine the joy she felt when she got to kick up her heels in this jubilant and swishy number. Cheers, Mum! I hereby celebrate the Hostess Skirt!IMG_1656IMG_1659


  1. Indeed the hostess with the mostest!!

  2. Totally the hostest with the mostest :)~!!

  3. terminalbeard

    Great find, marvelous history, and of course, you wear it well!

  4. Just so gorgeous all the way around, beautiful friend! Xxx

  5. I love it. I love it. I love it! It’s gorgeous and you look so happy and relaxed. Did your mum love it on you? How was the party?? 😊

  6. 🙂 This was your mum’s? It’s beautiful! And it’s the perfect hostess dress/outfit.
    You look stunning!
    Have a very HAPPY week 🙂

  7. Very nice, I like how the fabric flow and certainly eye-catching!

  8. I read it first as “So no cute” but then I read it in the correct order 🙂

  9. I love it! And you wouldn’t look amiss in an episode of Mad Men!

  10. Excellent Jackie! What fun. 🙂
    Hope your party was fantastic (I’m sure it was…) XO

  11. Resurrecting your mom’s skirt for your flat-warming – what a heart-warming idea. I love it. Makes me think of how I feel when I’m working away on my mom’s old manuscripts and jots of writing. It’s like I’m getting into her thoughts. How cool to jump into her clothes 🙂

  12. Isn’t it funny how 20 years ago we probably would have never ventured out in our mothers cast-offs and now with age we appreciate the finer things in life! Love it! ~Elle

  13. Fabulousness personified !!! X

  14. Your skirt is indeed noticeable. And thy gorgeous self too! xxx

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