Trendspotting at Sludge Lagoon

This charming name refers to a picturesque patch of water near where I grew up. I’m home in Ireland for a flying visit and thought I’d report on a fashion happening.

In some places, (say, Burberry) earth tones are always in fashion. In others, (say, Sludge Lagoon) fashion can always be unearthed… IMG_7131 IMG_7129Even the sheep look like they’ve been dunked in sludge. Tim Walker would dye them pink…

“Who you calling sludge?” Sheep bleated. “Chocolate-complexioned is how we care to be described. Pink, over my pork behind!”IMG_7138 “Moss is next season’s color…as in Kate Moss?” said Tree, who with so many intertwined branches found reaching conclusions difficult so he ended everything with a question mark.IMG_7365 IMG_7190 IMG_7158 Lady Whin reared up in the air and rolled her neck in indignation. For her there was no question about it.

“Im just fed up to the back teeth of being overlooked. Cherry blossom gets bloomin’ festivals created for her, I get labelled furze. Well, I want to be an ornamental. I’ve decided: Whin is in for next season!”

“Well. you heard it here first,” said Heather, rolling her eyes. “Of course, I’ve been around for 10,000 years and yet they call a white button-down shirt a timeless classic.” IMG_7094IMG_7372 IMG_7353 The creatures of Sludge Lagoon were aware that earth tones were all over the runways of Tom Ford and local boy made good, JW Anderson. In fact, he was regularly a popular topic of conversation over grazing and milking.

“To think I used to cantor past him when he was a nipper and now he’s at luxury maison Loewe,” reminisced Horse. IMG_7195 “Of course, to my mind orange will always be the new black. Sorry, JW, but I speak Hermes.”

There was a commotion as a three barred gate was slammed shut a short distance off followed by some panting…

“There you are. Sheep here, again, yeah, sorry about back there. We got off on the wrong hoof. I checked the label and the exact shade of my coat is Pantone 439, Egyptian Brown. Thought you’d want the credits to be correct. Come Autumn, they’ll all be sporting it. Em, would you mind taking my photo again? I wasn’t ready last time.” IMG_7151Marron? Not likely, Monsieur Mouton. Dress in cream and live the dream,” said the Charolais bullock. “We French understand chic. I haven’t yet seen the term “Irish elegance” as I flick through Vogue. E justement!”

He shot some serious side eye at Sheep who was still trying to regain his breath.IMG_7165 The exact right shade of green is here somewhere… IMG_7364 IMG_7337IMG_7391IMG_7390The Fresians screeched with mirth in the milking stalls.

“There is never a right shade of green!” scorned their opinionated leader. “Black and white takes you from day to night. Milan to Manhattan, think Coco Chanel, Marlene Dietrich, Janelle Monae. You’ll always look right in black and white.”

“And don’t we stand out?” boasted another. “I stop traffic on these roads twice a day!”

IMG_7262IMG_7378 Perhaps we could use the merest pop of color?

“Ooh, cherie, you’re in luck. I have just that shade of lippy,” said the Charolais bullock with a blush, and began fishing about in his man purse.

These are the humble but fashion fertile surroundings from which our lovely heroine Kat originated. Read about her adventures in the fashion industry in Silk for the Feed Dogs which is available here.


  1. I am delighted to get a peak at the setting and colours that inspired our Kat:) Lovely post, Jackie. Hope you have a wonderful time on your visit home.

  2. Nobody can accuse you of not having imagination! and why have I never been to Ireland? So beautiful. Have fun.

    • My mother used to say my imagination would get me locked up. But it hasn’t happened yet. A very pertinent question: Why indeed haven’t you been to Ireland?! The only hurdle for my friends in Italy was that they never wanted to take the gamble on the weather… Understandable. You have to be somewhat partial to the damp. Although this time was lovely.

  3. Oh, how funny! Orange is the new black, says the Hermes-lovin’ sheep !

  4. Beautiful, talented, DELICIOUS Jackie M,

    I just love this. And I hate that I am so time squished that I’m leaving a short comment on a post so good I ate it with a knife and fork.

    Thank you for being you and for your gorgeous, creative mind. I LOVE your world.

    Stay wild, friend. 🙂


  5. Welcome home Jackie! Hope you’re having a lovely visit and getting lots of inspiration from Sludge Lagoon – fash cap of the world… obvs 😉 Oh and yes, we laid this ‘seasonal’ weather on especially, enjoy!

    • Thanks for the lovely spread! Sun and marriage equality, you’re too generous 🙂
      It was indeed an enjoyable visit and now it’s over 😦 I’m back on the chain gang.
      Hope summer is filling Galway with rays.

  6. Jackie — all the colors you look exquisite in! How gorgeous a setting to create in, or just be….
    Enjoy your time at home.
    I’ll be doing my Midwestern tour in early June to regroup — maybe my surroundings will offer me my colors.
    Color us beautiful! XO

    • Not sure all those colors are portable, but hey I’d give them a go based on your vote of confidence. While I was home I did however unearth a skirt of my mothers from when she was a girl that is spec-tac-u-lar. Colorful it is. A post will surely follow and you can weigh in. D

  7. Ha ha! I love this and I KNEW you’d find some sort of inspiration at home. Love the shot of the Charolais. How you’re having a lovely time. 🙂

  8. I don’t’ know about you, Olivia, but I tend to find a lot of inspiration at home… It’s almost like I needed to go away and the distance makes me see things fresh? I was communicating with a fellow Betimes author this week–also Irish–and he said he rejected all Irish music, literature etc growing up and only now that he is far away he can’t get enough of it. I can identify with this. Some weird rite of passage..?

    Anyway, was lovely. Back on US soil now, and back to the grindstone.

  9. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I can’t get enough of these wonderful, talented, fashionable creatures of your charming Sludge Lagoon, Jackie! I’m looking forward to more of their stories… xxx

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