That Friday feeling of being sprung; the freedom. And the forecast for this weekend is that nothing will fall from the sky…but roses. Or did I daydream that while gazing out the window at work this afternoon…?IMG_5877 IMG_5879If only we could bottle that heady mix of Spring and Friday, it would look like this…

Bon weekend a toi!


  1. Love the Roses from BG. I guess tulips wouldn’t last… 😀

  2. Love the video – it fit so well with the music.

  3. Beautiful! Have a lovely weekend Jackie. I’m on my way to Dublin for the Irish parenting blog awards. All the chat is about dresses, hair and shoes! You’d love it. Wish you were here! Xx

    • Is it that time again? Have a great trip and good luck to you. You’ll look stunning. Have a cocktail or three before you head out and you too dance with different colored socks on 🙂
      Wish I was there too! xo

  4. The stylish version of TGIF!

  5. Hahahaaaa I’d love to see MY boss dance like that! xxx

  6. It’s like he’s got balls under his feet…an interesting concept! xxx

  7. Wow, so gorgeous!!!! I love the flowers :)~!!

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