Manhattan Happening


Attire for NYC’s mean streets

I spent an interesting Saturday night. I attended a happening.

I thought events like this had been swept out of Manhattan and transplanted to some distant Brooklyn quarter––a Red Hook or Green Point or other primary-colored, spiky sounding place. But it was right in midtown, three blocks from where I teach on Monday morning and two blocks in the other direction from where I was teaching Friday afternoon. I rode my Citybike along the same well-travelled route to 37th Street. The only difference was instead of my bulky day bag, I carried my gold vintage purse and every time I rode over a bump the clasp popped open, the contents of my bag dropped out into the street and I had to screech to a halt. How can this be one of the most expensive places on earth to live and have roads that make sheep tracks in the west of Ireland look like state-of-the-art highways in comparison?

Anyway, the happening…

It’s the brainchild of a guy called John, who hosts these regular Performance Parties of spoken word, art, dance, experimental sound and music under the heading Psychlotron in his 10th floor loft, transporting us not quite to the gentle pastoral setting of the flyer, but to the lo-fi glitter of NYC’s creative heyday… 11080748_10152770315937711_1609777020381689669_oSilence in the house…












The highlight of the evening was an intimate duet danced by Kevin Ho and Mark D Schmidt inspired by 80s music videos…IMG_5924 IMG_5922 IMG_5920If you have two minutes (course you do) check out this beautiful video in which Kevin dances with Einy Am-Sparks. It will put you in the mood for Spring romance and make your heart sing…and dance too.



  1. I like the video – dance in poetry. or is it poetry in dance? Either way, dancing on the roof tops is always fun.

  2. Looks very interesting! Just bought food on 37th at Brooklyn Fare and wandered the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market. 🙂

  3. You were in the right place at the wrong time, D 🙂

  4. Hi Jackie,
    I saw what you wrote. I am originally from New York. I have fond memories in Manhattan with my dad and grandpa.
    Thank you for visiting my site Reflections today. I’m glad you liked my post “How to Protect Yourself From Gambling…” Nice to meet you.

  5. You just made me feel terribly old! (love the bag)

  6. Indeed that looked like fun! An expensive place to live, but inexpensive entertainment. Reminds me of San Francisco. Also very expensive, but plenty of free and inexpensive things to do. And I love your vintage gold purse!
    You know, I’ve only been in New York City once and that was …. gosh … 30 years ago? On a trip with a bunch of theatre students from my community college. It was just one evening and it rained the whole time, I got soaked because I didn’t bring an umbrella, and almost skewered by the umbrellas that were being used as I navigated the crowded streets. High point was seeing Carol Channing in Hello Dolly. I was so close to the stage when one of the actors flubbed his lines, I could see her give him an affectionate, reassuring smile. Your writing brought an old memory of mine back to life. A nice experience on an otherwise dull morning 🙂

  7. You make NYC sound so alluring! x

  8. Oh to be able to dance like that…and in so many colours!!!
    What a delightful visual kaleidoscope—their beauty changing with every twist of movement and depth of beat…
    and such wonderfully, expressive poetry that accompanies ♥
    Enjoyed it immensely, thank you Jackie~ xo

  9. My kind of happening Jackie! How I wish I could join you! xxx

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