On Show: Students’ Portfolios


David Montoya


Monica Suemitsu

It was Portfolio Show time for the latest crop of graduating fashion students from the Art Institute of New York City this week. The location was the Stollway space in the heart of Manhattan’s garment district in an event that united industry professionals, alumni and family. Stoll, venerable manufacturer of flat knitting machines since 1873, even permitted those in attendance a glimpse of their newest state-of-the-art machines through the factory’s viewing windows overhead. Knitwear development is alive and well in midtown Manhattan as well as technological innovation and education: one of my Bachelor’s students from another school, squeezing in a Knit course during Spring break, popped downstairs to say hello and look at the portfolios with me.…click to continue here.


  1. I love the logic and reality behind the graduate’s thoughts. There maybe “Pie in the Sky” dreams, but they are grounded.

  2. 🙂 this is so cool- I love the behind the scenes of the student. I’ve always admired the amount of work and training that goes into design school- definitely not something I feel like I would ever have the talent to do- so I remain in complete awe!!

  3. Never say never, Huntress. You have a good eye and that goes a long way and it can’t be taught! XO

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