In with the Wrong Crowd

Students, in the words of your parents: Don’t fall in with bad company.

Say away from this one: no good can come of it

Say away from this one: no good can come of it

So accustomed to hearing references to Kimye and Rihanna, I find my heart skips a little when a student drops a lesser-known name while discussing their research and influences. Bill Gibb was one such name I was astounded to hear from an Associate-level student last quarter.

A fashion student’s influences reflect how unique they want to be. It is imperative to their burgeoning identity that they expand their range beyond what the media sloppily serves up. If their knowledge is gleaned from the E Entertainment Channel…Click here to continue

This girl will keep you right...

This girl will guide you well…


  1. Great article!! That “kimye” photo made me cry a little on the inside, btw…sigh….

  2. You have good insight Jackie. Good article! ~Elle

  3. I used to work in the music business and, as I listen to music today, I often wonder if everything has already been done. Too much of what I hear is derivative, not just paying homage. It’s harder and harder to come across real innovation. Could the same be happening in fashion?

    • Oh I think we would have much to discuss in common over a campari one day. Fashion and music, I would say the worlds exist in parallel. I am at a point now where mostly everything I hear from my students evokes some memory of the first time around. Makes me feel old.
      (this combined with the fact that my other half does not rate anything recorded by anyone other than the Stones, Beatles, Bob Dylan, the Kinks, …and ahem, The Waterboys.) I must industriously and belligerently quote new material, band names, artists, just to rattle him from his high horse.

  4. I want to know the history of the dress and see a photo of your dress….Andrea Jovine,

  5. What an interesting post, and, yes, a follow-up with “that dress” is in order! This makes me think of knitting or all the many knitting magazines I’ve subscribed to over the years. I don’t follow designers really, although Deborah Newton’s knits are something I always seem to recognize. Either I’m seeing the same-old, same-old patterns (nothing new under the sun) because I’ve been subscribing to the same mag for 20 years or the designs are downright ugly and outrageous just because they are trying (and failing) to be “vogue.” And with knitting, you have the added risk of trying to replicate the garment only to find out that the yarn and design are not really made for each other. Only Photoshop makes it look good.

    • I think when we start to see ideas “come around again” this familiarity sets in and we’re harder to impress. Although I remember using the word “new” to describe something to my old fashion instructor and she proceeded to enlighten me at length on how far from new the idea in question actually was…That was me told. I goes what goes around comes around, spring follows winter and c’est la vie! 🙂
      oh but I wish I could knit! That would be new–to me!

      • But it’s hard not to pick up the latest issue of my fav knitting mags. Even if many of the designs seem like retreads, they’re still eye candy 😉

  6. Sigh. It’s the generalisation of the world..I swear it won’t be just the wives that are Stepford. And the sad thing is, they won’t even understand the reference… xxx

  7. I also tend to think that ”Fashion with a big F is no longer there”; though I’m undecided whether it’s actually true or it’s just cause I’m getting old(er) 🙂

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