Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Let me be the first to lead you in a jig and let’s get this céilí started! Slainte!IMG_5697


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  2. Top o’ the mornin’ to you lovely Jackie…
    sending lots of “dancing” Happy St Patrick’s Day wishes back to you! ~ xo

    “For each petal on the shamrock,
    This brings a wish your way
    Good health, good luck, and happiness
    For today and every day”~ Irish Blessing ♣

    PS And I must say…that the green lad above is doing such a splendid jig…
    dancing about in honour of St Patty’s Day 😉

  3. Ooops…lol…eeek! I can’t believe I did it…
    St Paddy’s Day I mean…typing too fast…
    oh dear, there’ll be no Irish blessing for me 😉

  4. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! xoxo!

  5. Stayed very far away from the Parade…just sayin’
    M. says the Library is crazy on St. Patrick’s day with drunk kids from Long Island wandering around looking for a toilet.

  6. Happy St.Patrick’s day Jackie! Hope you get out for a wee jig tonight! 🙂

    • A wee jig was had. Trying to teach some Americans a basic jig was a lot of fun. Should incorporate that into my day more often 🙂 What about yourself? xo

      • We brought the kids to the parade in Templemore. Lots of tractors, bored-looking county councillors and pre-school kids dressed up as characters from frozen, but the kids enjoyed themselves. Followed by gardening and re-planting what our Labrador Sasha unearthed. Grr.. That dog breaks my heart, but I love her to bits. I have the makings of a post in the back of my head 🙂 xx

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