With a Rebel Yell, She Cries “More, More, More!”

I was moved to write about my ongoing relationship with Louise Wilson from beyond the grave for my latest article on FashionUnited…

Lone horsewoman outside St Paul's Cathedral on day of Memorial service

Lone horsewoman outside St Paul’s Cathedral on day of Memorial service

On the tail end of Louise Wilson’s Memorial I find myself reflecting on those years in the late 90s when I attended St Martin’s to gain my Master’s in Fashion. To this day I can hear Louise’s voice in the classroom. But now it’s my classroom and they’re my students.

I can hear her saying things I might be thinking, but don’t say…Click here to continue to article


  1. Loved this. And you are so right. Maybe downright rudeness will never find a place again in schools anywhere in the 21st century but that institutions, and parents, do not prepare youngsters for the world is a truth. Especially those worlds where creativity and business savvy have to mesh in an improbable manner for one to succeed. Hearing criticism is tough. I don’t do well when yelled at but hearing the truth, unvarnished, is valuable and something we all have to learn at some point. As a teacher, you have to walk a fine line – not easy.

    • Thanks for your comment. It is encouraging to hear. You know from your experience what you’re talking about. While things have changed radically in the classrooms those industries haven’t become any more tolerant. So sometimes it can seem like we’re selling students a bad bill of goods if we don’t give them some harsh criticism. Do our job and be the bad guy is the only way sometimes.

  2. I feel that the fashion industry will come crashing down on the students — and so be it. The strong will swim and the weak will have to find another way. Not having a “Louise Wilson” to separate the ‘wheat from the chafe’ just delays the process. I don’t know if that is good or bad. What if there were some geniuses who were cut from St. Martin’s too early under the harsh criticism. They say that human’s brains are not fully functional until 25 years old. I graduated school at 20….maybe I needed time to cook, too. 🙂

  3. What a shame that the dictates of the politically correct prevent today’s students from experiencing such valuable life lessons! You were very fortunate to have been exposed to an inspiring teacher who wasn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Nice piece!

  4. I enjoyed reading this passionate commentary. A good education should prepare a student for the real world – to challenge it, to adapt to it and to learn from it.

  5. Thanks Angelina. Very well put.

  6. Surely a part of learning is exposure and the chance to respond to it? I love the idea that every person is an individual..and just wish the world would allow more of them xxx

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