Blowing Riccardo

UnknownMulti-media artist Marie Vic borrowed a selection of Givenchy garments from a Parisian collector and took them on a trip to an airplane graveyard in the Mojave Desert. A sort of trunk show, if you like. She was inspired by how the favorite pieces of designers’ collections travel throughout the season on their editorial tours to and from photoshoots. She let the clothes float and meander, waft and billow, dive and soar across the blue. She presents the resulting images in a solo exhibition, Blowing Riccardo, that runs through this weekend only, from March 5 – 8. They form a hypnotic and odd homage to Riccardo Tisci, whom the Parisian-born, NYC-based artist idolizes.

The Givenchy pieces which seem larger than life conjure up images of obesity. Sometimes they move so humanly and you’re convinced you see the swell of hips and breasts. Other times they rear up into the sky like overblown balloons challenging the aircraft. The shift from being threatening to ethereal. Bloated symbols of the fetishistic nature of fashion imagery, they might provoke us to examine ideas of luxury versus disposable fashion. They also make us smile.

They even remind me of our pair of koi fish who are still in the garden below the surface of the water patiently waiting for winter to pass and blue skies like these to return…IMG_5639 IMG_5632 IMG_5624IMG_5646 IMG_5644 IMG_5618 IMG_5611IMG_5609 IMG_5608 IMG_5601 IMG_5594IMG_5633 IMG_5637 IMG_5614 IMG_5592 IMG_5588The exhibition Blowing Riccardo is on for the next three days at Hotel Particulier, 47 Howard St, NYCIMG_5648


  1. Very cool! I can’t get there to see it, so Thank You for sharing. XO

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