Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Art Institutes

Hello Lovelies. I’ve been away for a while. I covered the Mercedes Benz fashion show for the Art Institutes for



These drawings by Zong Peng are just a taster of what’s in store (adorable, aren’t they?)



Now, read on for the full update…



Two weeks ago I sat in on the fitting for the Art Institutes fashion show. I arrived just in time to see a model try on what became known as “the second heaviest garment in the show.” “I hope you’re strong,” joked one of the dressers as she slipped the knit and plastic creation over the model’s head.

As I crossed the room I passed a conversation that went like this: “That piece goes down there and loops in at the back. Here, I’ll show you.” “Yes, but does it go over her head first?” I tripped over a Fedex box and saw a giant sweater that looked like it had been knit using two broom handles for needles. “It’s multi-media assemblage!” declared the fashion show’s organizer Scott French, nodding his approval as a custom-made pillow was inserted at the belly underneath a Crayola-colored dress sprouting woolly tufts and embroidered with clouds and suns.

In another unassuming cardboard box, glinting from beneath a pile of steel grey ruffles, rested a bodice straight out of the classic movie Bladerunner. I couldn’t resist and reached in to pull it out but changed my mind. It was exquisitely made of molded metal and weighed as much as a microwave. I had identified the heaviest garment in the show.Full review and photos continue here.


  1. Excellent Jackie, Thank you for sharing.

  2. That must have been fun. Wanted more photos though

  3. Funny you said that…I submitted so many but they didn’t run them…must ask why…

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